Hellraiser Vol. 3 TPB
Writer(s): Anthony DiBlasi, Robb Humphreys, Clive Barker, Mark Miller
Artist(s): Janusz Ordon, Stephen Thompson
HELLRAISER Volume Two featured the most shocking turn of events in the history of the series -- here’s what happens next! Kirsty Cotton is now the priestess of Hell. Her and the Harrowers have been reborn as the most gruesome Cenobites of all -- will they remain heroes, or be corrupted by the pleasures of the underworld? Meanwhile, the former Pinhead now walks as a man again. Captain Elliott Spencer will search the globe for the keys to Heaven -- but who does he have by his side? HELLRAISER: Heaven’s Reply takes the legendary horror tale to places never before dreamed, as only Clive Barker can!
ISBN: 9781608860906
Diamond Code: MAR120850