A Message from BOOM! Studios: Something is Killing the Children Book One Deluxe Edition Preorders

At BOOM! Studios, we pride ourselves on not only delivering the most exciting comics and graphic novels onto store shelves every single week, but also being the publisher you can count on as a fan. We work tirelessly each and every day to live up to that reputation.

From time to time, despite thoughtful planning and best intentions we fall short of this goal. That happened this past week when we allocated retailers’ orders for (JUN211087) Something Is Killing The Children Book One Deluxe Edition Slipcase HC. This means that we were not able to fill all of the orders we received from our retail partners, and they in turn were not able to fill all of the preorders they took for this item. We apologize for both the frustration and disappointment this caused. 

We want to share with you how we’re working to fix the situation.

First, we’re working closely with comic shops to take care of as many customers who preordered a copy as we are able to. Some of these solutions may take time to implement and we ask that you bear with us and your local comic shop as we work to address as many fans as possible. 

Secondly, we will be offering a new edition of Something Is Killing The Children Book One Deluxe Edition Slipcase HC in the Diamond Comic Distributors Previews January 2022 catalog. This new edition will feature a different colored foil stamp to easily distinguish it from the first print run and will be available to order beginning in late December. We will set the print run after finalizing orders, which will be done at the beginning of February, to ensure there are no allocations on this new edition. This edition is scheduled to arrive in stores by July 2022. 

Beyond that, we’d like to provide you with an explanation of how this situation arose.

In order to produce a beautiful book like the Something Is Killing The Children Book One Deluxe Edition Slipcase HC, we have to print it overseas. Because the timeline to print overseas and when comic shops typically finalize their orders do not align, it means we have to determine a print run ahead of receiving our final orders. Knowing the amazing momentum surrounding Something Is Killing The Children, we printed more copies of this hardcover than any other Deluxe hardcover we’ve produced to date.

And while we seem to have gauged the demand for the regular Something Is Killing The Children Book One Deluxe Edition HC correctly, fans blew us away with the demand for the Limited Slipcase Edition with final orders coming in 240% higher than our available print run. Given the production timeline, we were not able to run-on additional copies to fill all orders so we were faced with the decision to either cancel all orders and re-solicit or allocate. Knowing that many customers and retailers ordered these for the holiday season, we made the decision to allocate. It’s not an ideal solution for either our retail partners, our fans, or us, but we believe it was the best decision based on our options.

Thank you for your understanding and support!