Comics On-Sale in December 2019 and Beyond

Don’t miss the BOOM! Studios comics and graphic novels on sale in December 2019 and beyond! The Teenagers with Attitude And The Heroes In A Half-Shell meet for the first time in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1while Jeremy Haun returns to his The Beauty roots as he teams with Danny Luckert for a new psychological horror series in The Red Mother #1.

And in February, don’t miss Big Black: Stand At Attica OGN SC; the true stroy behind the uprising at Attica Prison, written by formet inmate Frank “Big Black” Smith and his long-time friend Jared Reinmuth, and adapted to a graphic novel by artist Améziane.

If you’re excited about a particular series, pre-order it at your local comic book shop to guarantee your copy.  To learn more about how to pre-order, click here! To find a comic shop near you enter your zip code below:

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