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FARSCAPE Kickstarter Announcement

BOOM! Studios and The Jim Henson Company Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FARSCAPE

BOOM! Direct Reserve Campaign Launches with a New Anniversary Comic Book and Book Special Collection

Twenty-five years ago, the groundbreaking space opera Farscape debuted on television – bucking decades of science fiction tropes, breaking new technical ground coupled with ambitious story-telling, and inspiring generations of fans in the process.

Now, BOOM! Studios, in partnership with The Jim Henson Company, proudly celebrates the legacy of Moya’s crew with a brand new 25th Anniversary comic book special alongside a complete two volume book set collecting the entirety of the BOOM! Studios’ Farscape library along with commemorative collectibles in the FARSCAPE 25th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION BOOM! DIRECT RESERVE CAMPAIGN. Previously written by show creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, BOOM! Studios’ Farscape comic books were an official extension of the storytelling of the original show. This commemorative campaign celebrating everyone’s favorite crew of outlaw space bandits and the living ship they call home follows successful campaigns for The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary Library and The Complete Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH Graphic Novel Collection.

Reserve your copy of Farscape Book One and Book Two 25th Anniversary Editions in softcover, hardcover, slipcased hardcover, signed slipcased hardcover and hyper-limited character edition slipcases featuring John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Dominar Rygel, Ka D’Argo, Chiana, and Zotoh Zhaan! Each collected edition offered through this BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign will feature exclusive cover art by popular cover illustrator Justine Florentino (Magic: The Gathering, Firefly).

Additionally, this BOOM! Direct Reserve campaign will feature a campaign exclusive cover for the upcoming Farscape 25th Anniversary Special #1 by red hot illustrator Nimit Malavia (Fables, Firefly, The Dark Tower) featuring brand new adventures set in the universe of Farscape by iconic creators such as Sam Humphries, Francesco Mortarino, Sarah Gailey, abd Zac Thompson, the first new Farscape stories published in over a decade! Also available will be a campaign exclusive cover for Farscape #1 Archive Edition also by Malavia – reprinting of the very first Farscape comic published by BOOM! Studios!

Farscape was a high concept, cult classic sci-fi epic far ahead of its time. Twenty-five years later, it is still captivating the imaginations of fans new and old. Bringing back our out-of-print comics was an easy decision for the milestone anniversary,” said President of Publishing and Marketing, Filip Sablik. “And of course, if we’re bringing back our classic Farscape comics, it made sense to tell brand new short stories in the new Anniversary Special. There is something in this campaign for every Farscape fan and we are thrilled to be the ones bringing these stories to fans everywhere.”

FARSCAPE 25th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION BOOM! DIRECT RESERVE CAMPAIGN will continue to March 21, with special surprises, product reveals, and hidden stretch goals to be announced all month long.