How Do I Pre-Order My Comic?

So you’re interested in pre-ordering your comics! Great, welcome! Pre-ordering a comic is a pretty easy process that has a HUGE effect! Comic shop owners have limited space and tight budgets, so they’re very careful to only order stock they know they can sell. When it comes to a new series by new creators, your local shop may be unsure how many copies they should order.

That’s where you come in! When you pre-order a comic like Once & Future, Alienated, or Lumberjanes, you’re letting comic shops know you’re going to support them and more comics like them, which helps retailers place orders with confidence.

Then it goes even higher up the ladder! Comic publishers receive news on how comic shops are ordering their comics, and that informs them how many comics they need to print to meet retailer (and customer) demand.

In the comic market, one of the most effective ways to support the comic you love and the creators who make it is to pre-order!

So, How Do I Pre-Order My Comic?

First of all, be sure to check the Final Order Cutoff date. You’ll need to get your pre-order in by that date in order to guarantee your copy. (If you miss the date, you can still let your shop know you want a copy, but there’s a risk they’ll sell out before you get one!)

I Want A Physical Copy of the Comic!
Through a comic shop:

  • Find a comic shop near you (and this works internationally, too) at, or discover one of the shops that are guaranteed to support BOOM! Studios comics here.
  • Visit, call, or email that comic shop and tell them: “I want to pre-order [name of the comic] with Diamond Order Code [XXXXXXXXX].”
    • (Diamond Order Codes are reference numbers. For example, the code for Hellmouth #1 is AUG191366.)
  • The comic shop will place an order for you, and you’re done! Your copy is guaranteed.
  • Some comic shops even have online stores that will mail you the comic. You’re still supporting that comic shop, even if you can’t make it to the actual store.
  • Want to make sure you don’t miss an issue? Tell your comic shop you want to subscribe to the series. They’ll put you down for every issue automatically, so you don’t need to repeat this process every month. Hooray for convenience!

Through the BOOM! Studios webstore:

  • We’d REALLY prefer that you support your local comic shop, but sometimes that’s just not possible. In that case, you can check out and search for the title you want to pre-order.
  • You can order individual issues or subscriptions that include multiple issues. We ship internationally, too!

I Want a Digital Copy of the Comic!

  • You can visit comiXologyGoogle PlayiTunes, or any other digital media platform and purchase the comic with one touch.
  • Some sites, like comiXology, even have digital pre-order options, that way you’ll have it downloaded the moment it goes on sale.
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