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Alienated #1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Chris Wildgoose
Cover Artists:
    Main Cover: Chris Wildgoose
    Variant Cover: Bengal
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: Acclaimed writer Simon Spurrier (John Constantine Hellblazer, Coda) and artist Chris Wildgoose (Batgirl, Batman: Nightwalker) present a subversive coming-of-age story about having all the power to change the world but the unready hands to truly wield it.

Three teenagers, each an outcast in their own way, stumble upon an unearthly entity as it’s born. As they bond over this shared secret and the creature’s incredible abilities, it becomes clear to the teenagers that their cute little pet is a superpredator in the making—and it’s in need of prey.

Guided by the best intentions at first, the teens’ decisions soon become corrupted by adolescent desires, small town jealousies, and internal rivalries, sending them into a catastrophic spiral of their own making.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hellmouth #5
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert
Artist: Eleonora Carlini
Cover Artists:  
    Main Cover: Jenny Frison
    Connecting Variant Cover: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Price: $3.99

Angel and Buffy finally confront the enemy in the heart of the Hellmouth, but the journey has already taken its tolls. Beaten in body and spirit, they might not have enough power between them to save the world. With more allies than they know, Buffy and Angel will make their final stand… and not everyone will make it out alive. 

Ghosted in L.A. #8
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Cover Artists:  
    Main Cover: Siobhan Keenan
    Variant Cover: Sina Grace
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: There is some roommate vs roommate drama at Rycroft Manor, and Daphne is right in the middle of it! Though, she did put herself in the middle of it. She’s really only here because of her crush on the newest Rycroft ghost. What will the drama mean for the Manor, and Daphne’s place in it?

Ronin Island #10
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover Artists:  
    Main Cover: Giannis Milonogiannis
    Preorder Cover: Ethan Young
Price: $3.99
Synopsis:  With enemies on all sides, Hana and Kenichi struggle to protect the island and themselves. But the Shogun has a more sinister plan brewing, and for anyone to survive this fight, Kenichi will need to rally the island’s forces, and Hana will have to prove to those loyal to the Shogun that his way of life is not worth fighting for.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #29
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace
Artist: Francesco Mortarino
Cover Artists: 
    Main Cover: Eleonora Carlini
    Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
    Incentive Cover: Amelia Vidal
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: Tommy steps into his new role as leader of the Power Rangers, but not everyone is convinced he’ll be able to lead like Jason did. Meanwhile, Zack, Trini, and Jason are given their first mission as OMEGA RANGERS, and must trust that their friends will be able to handle all of Lord Zedd’s threats without them.

The Avant-Guards Vol. 2 SC
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Carly Usdin
Artist: Noah Hayes
Cover Artist: Noah Hayes
Price: $14.99
Synopsis: The Avant-Guards have been on a roll, but when they hit the end of their winning-streak, will these new friendships survive? As The Avant-Guards struggle to move forward, they’ll soon learn just what it means to truly be a team – on the court and, most importantly, off the court.

The critically-acclaimed team of writer Carly Usdin (Heavy Vinyl) and artist Noah Hayes (Wet Hot American Summer) deliver the next chapter of the series where every shot counts when you take them with your friends. Collects issues #5-8.

Big Black: Stand At Attica OGN SC
Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Frank “Big Black” Smith and Jared Reinmuth
Artist: Améziane
Cover Artist: Améziane
Price: $19.99
Synopsis: The uprising at Attica Prison remains one of the bloodiest civil rights confrontations in American history… but without Frank “Big Black” Smith it could have been even worse. Now for the first time, the late Frank “Big Black” Smith shares his experience at the center of this uprising, struggling to protect hostages, prisoners and negotiators alike. 

Before his death, Frank “Big Black” Smith worked with writer and long time friend, Jared Reinmuth, to share the true story of his time in Attica State Prison. Adapted to a graphic novel by Améziane (Dark Horse’s Muhammad Ali), this is an unflinching look at the price of standing up to injustice.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 6
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers:  Ryan Parrott, Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Eleonora Carlini, Francesco Mortarino, Ilaria Catalini, Jim Towe
Cover Artist: Dan Mora
Price: $16.99
Synopsis: Writers Ryan Parrott (Star Trek: Manifest Destiny) & Marguerite Bennett (Batwoman) are joined by an all star cast of artists including Eleonora Carlini, Francesco Mortarino, Ilaria Catalini, Jim Towe (Riverdale) and more for stories that reveal the untold truth from the first year of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers history. 

Collects Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School.

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