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Ghosted in L.A. #3
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Cover Artists:
     Main Cover: Siobhan Keenan
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191348
    Variant Cover: Sina Grace
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191349
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: As if living with ghosts weren’t enough of a problem, Daphne has personal drama she never expected. The jerk of an ex who dumped her? Turns out, not a jerk, because when he said “It’s not you, it’s me,” he really meant “I think I might be gay, and you’re not my type.” So now Daphne has to be a supportive friend, get over a long term relationship, and keep her undead roommate from hitting on her ex. 

Ghosted in L.A. #3 Main Cover by Siobhan Keenan
Ghosted in L.A. #3 Variant Cover by Sina Grace
Ronin Island #6 Main Cover by Giannis Milonogiannis
Ronin Island #6 Preorder Cover by Ethan Young

Ronin Island #6
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover Artists:
     Main Cover: Giannis Milonogiannis
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191335
    Preorder Cover: Ethan Young
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191336
Price: $3.99
Synopsis:  Hana and Kenichi have been forced down separate paths, but both lead back to the Island. While Hana settles in and learns more about the Shogun’s rise to power, Kenichi struggles to survive by himself out in the wastes of the mainland and realizes he might not be the only survivor out there.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #23
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace
Artist: Francesco Mortarino
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Ivan Shavrin
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191328
    Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191329
    Incentive Cover: Amelia Vidal
          Diamond Order Code: JUL191330

Price: $3.99
Synopsis: NECESSARY EVIL continues as Jason begins to remember the truth about Shattered Grid—and he begins the path to forming a new, covert team of Power Rangers.

Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 Main Cover by Ivan Shavrin
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 Incentive Cover by Miguel Mercado
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 Variant Cover by Amelia Vidal
Bone Parish Vol. 2 Cover by Lee Garbett

Bone Parish Vol. 2 SC
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jonas Schar
Cover Artist: Lee Garbett
Diamond Order Code: MAY191236

Price: $14.99
Synopsis: “The Ash” is the hottest new drug in the Big Easy, and there’s only one way to get it: the Winters, an upstart crime family that pioneered the drug made from the ashes of the dead. But with multiple other factions moving in on their territory with deadly results, just how long can Grace Winters and her children hold on to the lucrative trade? 

Eisner Award-nominated author Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, The Empty Man) and illustrator Jonas Scharf continue their critically-acclaimed blend of horror and crime in Bone Parish Volume Two, as the Winters family discovers the true depths they’ll go to protect the fragile business they’ve built. Collects issues #5-8.

Labyrinth: Coronation Vol. 3 HC
Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Daniel Bayliss, Irene Flores
Cover Artist: Fiona Staples
Diamond Order Code: MAY191243

Price: $24.99

Time is running out. War rages at the Owl King’s castle as the goblin rebellion spins out of control. While Skubbin, Tangle, and Cible try to hold off the enemy hordes, Maria must face the King and the cost of protecting her boy from a life of misery. Up until the clock strikes 13, Maria holds onto the one truth she’s learned while facing the trials of the maze: in the Labyrinth, nothing is as it seems. 

Written by Simon Spurrier (Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal) and Ryan Ferrier (Kong on the Planet of the Apes) and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons) and Irene Flores (Heavy Vinyl), Labyrinth: Coronation Volume Three brings the critically acclaimed prequel of Jim Henson’s beloved film to its stunning conclusion.  Collects issues #9-12

Labyrinth: Coronation Vol. 3 HC Cover by Fiona Staples
Rugrats: Building Blocks SC Cover by Jorge Corona

Rugrats: Building Blocks SC
Publisher: KaBOOM, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Nicole Andelfinger, Daniel Kibblesmith, and Cullen Crawford
Artist: Esdras Cristobal, Brittney Williams, Laura Langston, Ilaria Catalani, and Kate Sherron
Cover Artist: Jorge Corona
Diamond Order Code: MAY191254

Price: $14.99
Synopsis: Put down the bottle and hike up your diapies, because it’s storytelling time with the Rugrats. The babies go head to head for who can tell the best tale of the mighty Reptar and Grandpa Boris tries to delight with the story of Chanukah. But when his memory fails him, it’s up to Tommy and the gang to save the holiday. 

This collection of Rugrats romps features stories written by Nicole Andelfinger (Adventure Time Comics), Daniel Kibblesmith (Valiant High), and Cullen Crawford (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) with art by Kate Sherron (The Amazing World of Gumball), Brittney Williams (Goldie Vance), and many more. 

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