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Save the Team in THE AVANT-GUARDS #5 From BOOM! Studios


“Sports comics and queer athletes are still far too rare in the wide world of representation. If you like either or both of those things, my guess is Avant-Guards is going to scratch an itch you didn’t even know you had.”—Autostraddle

“The Avant-Guards joins Dodge City and Fence as inclusive, sports-focused series under the BOOM! banner.”—Paste Magazine

“It’s this beautiful story of friendship and we’re just getting started.”—

[/vc_column_text][us_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]BOOM! Studios today revealed a first look at THE AVANT-GUARDS #5, the newest chapter in the twelve-issue series from writer Carly Usdin (Heavy Vinyl) and artist Noah Hayes (Wet Hot American Summer) about a ragtag group of friends who band together to build the first ever basketball team at their historic women’s art college, available in stores May 2019.

The Avant-Guards scored big on their first foray into organized basketball but the league has been cancelled, and now what are six art students to do? Go to an art exhibit, of course! Jay is hard at work preparing for their art show with Ash’s help, but the rest of the team is falling apart at the seams looking for a solution to the basketball drama, while Liv and Charlie are just hoping to keep anyone from catching onto certain…romantic…developments. Can they get it together in time to find a way to save the league, or are their basketball dreams doomed to fall flat?

THE AVANT GUARDS #5 features a main cover by Hayes and a variant cover by Cara McGee (Black Canary: Ignite, Dodge City).[/vc_column_text][us_separator size=”small”][us_image_slider ids=”21888,21887,21886,21885,21884,21883,21889″ nav=”thumbs” fullscreen=”1″ img_size=”full” img_fit=”contain”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][us_separator][vc_column_text]“Tensions are high as the Avant-Guards go from the high of winning their first game to the low of having the league pulled out from under their feet! The team will have to learn how to be good friends, partners, and teammates or risk losing everything.” said Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Carly and Noah really bring the heat in this issue that’s all about learning what it means to balance all the different aspects of your life instead of sacrificing one for the others.”

THE AVANT-GUARDS is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ award-winning BOOM! Box imprint, home to groundbreaking original series such as Lumberjanes by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooklyn Allen, and Noelle Stevenson; Giant Days by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Max Sarin; Smooth Criminals by Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, and Leisha Riddell; Fence by C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad; and Goldie Vance by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams.

Print copies of THE AVANT-GUARDS #5 will be available for sale on May 22, 2019 at local comic book shops (use to find the nearest one) or at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][us_separator size=”large”][/vc_column][/vc_row]