The BOOM! Guarantee Program is our free retailer rewards program that has open enrollment to all of our retail partners worldwide.

No order minimums. No order matching. No tricks. Just full returnability.

That’s the BOOM! Guarantee. Reduce your risk and maximize your profits on key BOOM! Studios launches and cross-sale opportunities while putting your store in front of potential new customers. To enroll, you simply need to fill out the authorization form below.

In exchange, you will receive the following benefits:

1. BOOM! Studios will ship you a branded 6-pocket floor standee display at no cost to you.

2. Each month, you will receive notifications of the 6 single issue comics spotlighted in the standee ahead of initial orders. BOOM! Guarantee titles will be noted in the Diamond Previews Retailer Order form, a monthly physical mailing, and emails from BOOM! Studios.

3. Each month, you will receive a monthly retailer mailing. The mailing will include a recommended merchandise planogram and sales tips for those titles as well as a full color, double-sided 12″ x 36″ poster for a title releasing that month.

4. Sixty days after the end of the designated ship-month, you will receive an email notification from [email protected] that includes the list of eligible titles for returns as well as a download link to the affidavit form. In order to receive return credit, you must fill out the affidavit form, listing how many unsold copies you are claiming to return and destroying. You DO NOT have to send in stripped covers unless otherwise instructed by BOOM! Studios and Diamond Comics Distribution to do so.

5. Your store will be listed in a rotating BOOM! Guarantee Retail Ad set to run in most books we publish each month along with a dedicated place on our website.

6. As of ComicsPRO 2019, BOOM! Studios announced that we will be extending the BOOM! Guarantee Program to include full returnability via Diamond affidavit on two (2) select graphic novels of collections each month, starting in late Spring / early Summer. These titles will noted in Diamond Previews, the Retailer Order Form, on the items Diamond solicitation, our monthly physical mailing, and included in your monthly email from Morgan.

If you have additional questions about the BOOM! Guarantee Program, please contact our Sales Coordinator, Harley Salbacka, at [email protected].